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Welcome to the new, unfinished modern language King James Bible. Note the "alpha" and "beta". Alpha is an in-house test, beta is a public test. If you find any errors; misspellings, missing quote marks, grammer errors, please email If I make a change as a result of your email, you will get a bound book I've written, your choice of book, or hardcover or soft cover as long as my supplies last.
From 1611 until the early 1970s, the King James Bible (KJV) was the only Christian Bible (although there were earlier English language Bibles), and several groups of people decided separately that the old KJV is too hard to read for modern readers. Even though I’ve read hundreds of old books, some passages are hard for me.
But all of the new versions have two huge problems: None of them match what the KJV says; One of them says, in the ten commandments, “do not lie.” That’s not what KJV says, it says “thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”. It says “do not slander”, not lie.
The second is worst: all the other Bibles are under copyright; their words are owned by men who worship money. They will sue if you publish their Bibles.
This Bible is under copyright, but you are free to share it any way you wish, even selling copies, but you must share the entire Bible with no changes whatever. Unlike the other Bibles, its copyright will expire 95 years after I die. The others continually change theirs periodically, claiming they made mistakes, but they’re really in it for the money. You can’t serve both God and money.
This is obviously a work in progress. Where progress ends, there will be a link to the traditional KJV where you left off here.


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The coding, layout and formatting of this page and linked pages is © 2005. Copyright is only demanded in order to keep the greedy and selfish mammon worshipers from gaining filthy lucre from it. The text and illustrations are ancient and are in the public domain. It is not only allowed but encouraged to make copies of this work, provided there is no monetary gain. Please make and give away as many copies as you wish.
This work is written in plain text HTML. Most modern browsers allow you to enlarge the text if you wish, in FireFox [CTRL]+[F11] enlarges the typeface.
To go directly to any chapter and verse, go to the wanted book and add # plus the chapter and verse. For example, to read John 3:16 go to the book of John and add #3:16 to the address bar. To go to the start of a chapter, simply add # and the chapter number.
Mousing over some archaic words will give the modern translation of that word. More translations are continually added, later versions will have more of these.
Most illustrations are from the past artistic masters of antiquity, such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh. Mousing over the illustrations will in most cases give you the artist and work's name.
Future versions will have links to and from prophesy spoken to prophesy fulfilled.
If you find any innacuracies or wish to have untranslated antique words added to the mouseover function, or have any suggestions or criticisms, please email If you wish to pay for this copy of your Bible, please leave any desired payment with your own church's pastor or simply give to the poor, or make a donation to Wikipedia, where the illustrations are housed. Please do not attempt to renumerate me, this work is for our Lord and Savior and is a labor of love.